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There are several reasons why your teeth could be causing your pain. If you feel sharp or sudden pains when enjoying your favorite hot or cold foods, then you could be suffering from sensitive teeth. Understanding the common cause of sensitive teeth could help you conquer it and restore your oral health.

Our dentist, Dr. Amr M Enaya, is happy to help you restore your oral health. Furthermore, our team at Amr M Enaya DDS Inc in Galt, California, has provided some unique insight into the subject.

Here is a list of typical causes of sensitive teeth:

– A cracked tooth can be tough to see with your natural eyes but causes severe pain that needs to be checked before the bacteria causes cavities, or you fracture your tooth permanently.

– Cavities can cause your teeth rot and feel sensitive or painful when neglected.

– Aging over time can also cause your tooth enamel to wear down causing sensitivity, which is why visiting your dentist regularly is critical to keep your oral health in exceptional shape.

– Overexposure to teeth-whitening products can harm your tooth enamel and increase sensitivity.

– Worn tooth enamel can happen if your toothbrush is too scratchy because they can wear down enamel with each use, which is why soft-bristle toothbrushes are ideal.

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